Their choice was Cetetherm Pioneer

The first installation of Cetetherm Pioneer was made in the autumn 2023 in a residential area in Hässleholm in Sweden. The Haglund family lives in an area that has district heating prominently, but Haglunds have had a heat pump for a long time.

- When district heating was introduces in our area, we had recently invested in a heat pump, so at that time it wasn´t relevant to connect to district heating, says Helena Haglund.

Now a few years later when the heat pump was getting a bit old, the Haglunds started to think about the next heat source and district heating came up. This thanks to the environmental aspect as district heating is sustainable and comes from renewable energy and surplus energy from recycled garbage, wood chips and waste heat. Another aspect was the fluctuating electricity prices from previous winters, they wanted a slightly more stabile heat cost than before. On the positive side, the reduces carbon dioxide emissions and relief from the electricity grid also ended up. After reading and deciding on district heating, the Haglunds started to look around for alternatives to district heating units. They do not have space for a large unit.

- We talked to neighbors and suppliers and looked for alternatives ourselves and found Cetetherm Pioneer, which suits us perfectly. It´s not just small, compact and fits in our small space in the basement, it´s actually pretty good looking too. I could even imagine to have it in the laundry room if needed, says Helena Haglund, with a smile.

The installation was made by Magnus from IVAB, Infjärdens Värme AB in Hässleholm, Sweden, who have never previously before installed such a small and smart unit.

- It´s the first unit in that small format I´ve installed so far, but it won´t be the last.The installation went very smothly and easily, says Magnus. - I often hear from customers that the units are not very attractive and takes an unnecessery amount of space. Pioneer is a perfect option for one-family houses and apartment buildings, so I will recommend the customers to take a look at Pioneer when it´s time to install a new or replace their district heating unit, concludes Magnus.

It was not only the size, design and energy efficiency that made their decision for Pioneer, they also want to be able to follow up and control their heat in an easy way. With Pioneer they can control the temperature in the house and hot water via an app in the smartphone, whether they are at work or in their summer house during a long stay. At the same time as they do the environment a favor.

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