Pressosmart Hydraulic Expansion System

Low Consumption, High Performance, Constant Pressure

To keep closed water loop energy efficient heating and cooling systems performing optimally from the basement to the top floor, you need to be able to depend on stable pressure. This means precisely and automatically measuring and responding to every single temperature-related pressure change – and it’s all in a day’s (and night’s) work for the pump in our Pressosmart Hydraulic Expansion System.

Aqua Tank Pressosmart


Pressosmart units constantly watch over and adjust pressure in buildings up to 75 mCW (metre column of water) static height, up to 14,500 kW, and can be connected in series to increase performance. Pressosmart prevents overfilling, and pumps water back into the loop whenever needed, so that stable pressure is always maintained.

Pressosmart stands out from other pressurisation solutions thanks to its highly accurate and visible controls, its extremely low-noise electrical pump with low energy consumption, and its compact physical footprint. It can be connected to either a closed or open expansion vessel, although closed vessels are easy to upgrade to, and ensure reduced corrosion and an extended lifespan for the entire installation.

Download our product preselection file Pdf, 100.7 kB. and send it to us and we can advise you further.

Key benefits

Robust and reliable, up to 14.500 kW and 75 mCW static height

Extremely small footprint compared with membrane solutions

Very accurate and with highly visible control functions

Extremely silent pump with low power consumption


Heating and air conditioning systems in collective buildings and industries.

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