Heat Interface Units

Efficient Heat and Hot Water for Family Homes or up to 12 Flats


What is a Heating Interface Unit ?

Heating Interface Unit (HIUs) provide and control hot water for both space heating and domestic hot water use.

What benefits do our HIUs deliver?

Our HIUs can be connected to district heating systems, community heat networks, or local heating sources, including renewables.

They’re highly energy-efficient (fully insulated, with the lowest return temperature on the market), totally monitorable and controllable (via both heating controls and remote apps), and supplied pre-assembled, pre-mounted, pre-wired, pre-tested - ready to go!

They’re also versatile and powerful, incorporating either one or two heat exchangers to scale easily with demand.

Where are our Heating Interface Units used?

Our HIUs are an ever-present brand in everything from one-family houses to blocks of up to 12 flats, delivering heat and hot water sustainably, manageably, and economically.

Meet the solutions

With up to 60 kW capacity, our Heating Interface Units take anything from a house to a block of flats efficiently and cost-effectively in their stride. Click on a solution below to find out more.

Domestic hot water & space heating



Domestic hot water

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