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Heating and Cooling Systems Built for People, Planet, and Profit

Low-Energy Innovations Proven by Decades of Experience

By choosing Cetetherm, you’re not just choosing the original district heating systems and cooling systems brand. You’re benefiting from our nearly 70-year track record of innovating heating and cooling systems that are more efficient to run, more economical to operate, and more protective of our increasingly fragile environment.

From district heating and cooling, to collective boiler rooms, blocks of flats, single homes, commercial and industrial premises, and many more, Cetetherm has a solution to meet our clients’ challenges of delivering an effective heating, cooling, or hot water service at the right price point.

Listen to Alan Unwin, Sales Manager Cetetherm UK & Ireland, as he explains more in this video:


The benefits of heating and cooling done the Cetetherm way

  • Use less energy on high temperatures. Traditional heating networks deliver high-temperature output through the grid, but this can lead to energy loss, and is not sustainable. At Cetetherm, we work with low primary temperatures, which not only decreases energy loss, but enables the use of renewable energy sources, including the re-use of inside ventilation air.

  • Digitalise to operate at lowest cost. Using the latest technologies in heat pumps and digitalisation, our smart, connected Optimizer substation enables our systems to become IoT-connected, AI-capable heat pilots. These automatically prioritise sources for optimally comfortable heating and cooling, at the lowest cost to energy companies, end-users, and the environment. Watch our short Optimizer video.

  • Maximise efficiency and output. By supplying continuously low return temperatures to our heat pumps, the subcooling process results in a significant increase in the Coefficient of Performance (COP) of each pump. More heat or cooling out, for less energy put in.

Want to see it in action? Watch our video.


Here’s who chooses to work with us – and why

Energy market

Energy Companies

Control, profitability, user experience

The energy market is undergoing a rapid transformation, resulting in many challenges for energy companies – and we’re here to help.

By adding first-class digitalisation and connectivity to already energy-efficient district heating systems and substations, Cetetherm delivers greater controllability of the networks and their customer propositions.



Easy specification, full documentation

Consultants and their specification work are critical to the adoption of energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, so we make things straightforward for them.

Our solutions are easy to design and specify, and are backed up by full product documentation, specification texts, and manuals, easily accessible online.




Prefabricated, easy-to-fit systems

Installation is where the rubber hits the road, so we make sure all our heating systems and cooling systems work with the installers – not against them.

Our solutions are fully engineered and prefabricated for ease of installation, and come with access to full documentation. Short, dependable lead times are the order of the day.

Focus on end users

We understand that end users need first class service and local sales contacts. The Cetetherm sales teams and the Cetetherm Technical Helplines, together with our network of sales and service partners, respond quickly to your request.


We're everywhere - because our heat sources are

One of the reasons Cetetherm is so widely known as the leading heating and cooling systems brand is because of the flexibility in the range of heat sources we can connect to. From an individual dwelling to an entire local population, Cetetherm connects to – and adds efficiency to – wherever the heat is coming from!

District heating networks

Keeping whole districts warm: these are the heating systems we were working with before anybody else!

Community heating networks

Efficient, low-emission, affordable, community heating networks are where it’s at - and our heating systems are there too.

Cooling networks

Heating and cooling systems are two sides of the same coin – and with Cetetherm, you win the toss for both.

Heat pumps

Smart, high-performing, the right heat pumps take energy efficiency to new heights.


Balancing heating and subcooling, local boilers keep input and output in harmony.

Renewable heat sources

From solar power, to recycled interior ventilation heat, renewables are always at the heart of our thinking.

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