District Heating Systems (Substations)

Entire Communities Heated Sustainably

What is a District Heating Substation?

District Heating Substations heat water for space heating or hot water use, or both, for many buildings of different types and sizes. They can be installed in multiple locations across an entire district of a town or city, or in one mini-district heating network serving, say, a small village. These district heating systems can be more energy efficient than individual heating systems.

What benefits do our District Heating Substations deliver?

Our District Heating Substations deliver a combination of benefits that is truly unique. They are the market’s most energy-efficient, cost-effective, and low-emission substation solutions, thanks to their optimal heat recovery and low return temperatures.

At the same time, they keep wastage low by enabling you to monitor and control from any location at any time via any smart device, PC, or laptop, as well as through an AHC control unit.

If you’re looking for a flexible, modular solution to add value to your existing assets, these systems deliver. Need something 100% tailor-made? We can make that happen too.

Where are our District Heating Substations used?

You’ll find our District Heating Substations in use in many towns and cities internationally, delivering optimum energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness for unlimited mixed-building heating and hot water use.

Meet the range

Whether for a new project or a renovation, there’s a district heating substation solution to meet every size, scope, and requirement, from 50 kW up to 25 MW or even more. Click below to find out more.

Maxi special range

Maxi Special range

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