AquaTank Stainless Steel with Heating Coil Storage Tank

AquaTank Stainless Steel with Heating Coil storage tank

Plenty of hot water ready to go at peak periods, with much more available on-demand: that’s the essence of our ultra-hygienic AquaTank Stainless Steel with Coil - although the benefits it delivers go much further than this!

AquaTank Stainless steel with heating coil

Resilient, corrosion-free, with outstandingly low life-cost, our AquaTank Stainless Steel with Coil solution is ideal for collective buildings of all kinds (blocks of flats, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, and more) where the hot water flow need is not constant, but peak demand may require additional water to be heated in the tank.

Like all the AquaTank Stainless Steel Storage Tank range, this variant is made from high-quality Grade 316 stainless steel, which keeps the water free of any galvanic corrosion, and the robust DN25 tube used for the coil is approved and manufactured to PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) standards.

AquaTank is also extremely easy to transport, install, and refit, and thoroughly insulated to prevent heat loss, and keep heated water hotter for longer – meaning less water has to be heated afresh. It is self-heating, ultra-hygenic with an exceptional lifespan.

With a capacity of 125 – 1000 litres and a pressure of 10 bar, this solution can be used in combination with Cetetherm’s Tap Water Systems (including AquaFirst, AquaEfficiency, AquaGenius, AquaProtect, and AquaCompact.)

Key benefits

Power demand can be substantially reduced

Energy-saving insulations

Best quality for 10bar applications


Extremely hygienic - no galvanic corrosion


Domestic hot water supply for any collective building like apartement blocks, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities, leisure centres, nursery homes...

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