AlfaPilot Tap Water System

Renewables-First Control for Sustainable Hot Water and Heating

Renewables-powered Tap Water Systems and space heating solutions are a real leap forward for sustainability, and we’re proud to design and manufacture them. But when they’re connected to both renewable and non-renewable heat sources, they’re only maximally sustainable if they consistently prioritise the consumption renewables over fossil fuels wherever possible – and this is exactly what AlfaPilot is all about.

Alfa Pilot

Small, unobtrusive, and easy to handle and fit – even the largest model measures well under a metre on its longest side – AlfaPilot is installed on the heat return loop, parallel to a primary storage tank, and senses the comparative difference between the primary return and primary storage vessel temperatures.

From this, it calculates the total available energy, and automatically diverts or controls water flow to prioritise the drawing of the additional energy needed from renewable sources. It resorts to fossil fuel-derived energy only when the building’s demand outstrips both the renewables’ output and the energy that’s ready to go in the storage tanks.

Easily combined with a Tap Water System like AquaEfficiency, or a heating interface unit like Mini City, AlfaPilot also communicates with Building Management Systems to constantly keep both domestic hot water and comfort heating on a resolutely renewable course.

Key benefits

Works with renewable energy on the primary side. No risk of legionella or scaling

Pre-assembled, pre-mounted, pre-wired - ready to go

Simple and flexible solution, can be adapted to any type of energy source

Remote communication (via Modbus)

Can be used with low primary return solutions, like Cetetherm's tap water system AquaEfficiency


Domestic hot water supply for any collective building like apartement blocks, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities, leisure centres, nursery homes...


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