AquaCompact Tap Water System

Space-Saving Tap Water System for Low- to Mid-Capacity Heat Sources

AquaCompact is the most compact, handy, easy-to-fit domestic hot water system you’re likely to come across! Combining rapid hot water production with the storage capacity of a tank – and some impressive electronic control options along the way - it’s ideal for collective buildings of all kinds where hot water demand isn’t constant but can spike at any time.

Aqua Compact

Pre-assembled for easy installation and connection, with a choice of heat exchangers – gasketed plate-and-frame, copper brazed, and stainless steel – for optimised performance, AquaCompact units work efficiently and cost-effectively with low- to mid-capacity district heating systems and local heat sources. The consistently reliable output from the heat exchanger is bolstered in times of high demand by the stored hot water, to ensure seamless supply to all users.

The storage tank is none other than our proven, market-leading AquaTank unit, with a capacity of anything from 300 – 1500 L, and its optional electronic control unit enables the temperature to be adjusted both for comfort and to prevent limescale, and displays an automatic warning when the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned.

Download our product preselection file Pdf, 5.1 MB. and send it to us and we can advise you further.

Key benefits


Pre-assembled kit ready to be mounted on Cetetherm AquaTank stainless steel

Operates efficiently on low- to mid-capacity heat sources

Connection to district heating network or local heat source

 Simple and robust design


Domestic hot water supply for any collective building like apartment blocks, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities, leisure centres, nursery homes...

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