Domestic hot water system for collective applications - up to 230 kW

The most compact, pre-assembled and all-included domestic hot water system for semi-instantaneous use.

AquaCompact can be connected either to a district heating network or to a local heat source. The unit consists of:

  • A charging kit with or without 2-port or 3-port control valve
  • A Cetetherm AquaTank out of stainless steel (secondary storage tank), volumes 300-1500 L
  • A heat exchanger: gasketed plate-and-frame, copper-brazed or AlfaNova
    (100% stainless steel, fusion-bonded)
  • Optional: electronic or self-actuated control
Aqua Compact

Key benefits


Pre-assembled kit ready to be mounted on Cetetherm AquaTank stainless steel

Operates efficiently on low- to mid-capacity heat sources

Connection to district heating network or local heat source

 Simple and robust design


Domestic hot water supply for any collective building like apartment blocks, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities, leisure centres, nursery homes...

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