Primary Tank Storage Tank

The Most Hygienic, Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective Hot Water Storage

Large quantities of reliable hot water, using any heat source, with low total cost of ownership - if you think that already sounds like an attractive combination, consider this: our Primary Tank solution is also energy-saving, easy to handle and fit, and 100% free of legionella risk.

Primary Tank Cetetherm

These tough, carbon-steel tanks, always hygienic because they’re on the primary side, are ideal for collective buildings where sudden high demands for hot water occur on a fairly regular basis – including blocks of flats, hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, hotels, schools, leisure centres and more.

They maximise the output from hot water storage thanks to 100mm insulation, heat-efficient internal tube design, and feet-mounted construction for optimal hot water volume that is not reduced by cold water inlet and emptying connections.

With volumes ranging from 300 – 3000 L at 5 bar, our Primary Tanks are easy to connect to Cetetherm’s Tap Water Systems (including AquaFirst and AquaEfficiency), and to our Heating Interface Units (including Mini City), for a versatile, end-to-end solution that works with boilers, hydraulic networks, solar heaters, and many other heat sources.

Key benefits

Energy saving solution as reduces the boiler or network capacity

Easy handling thanks to two ring bolts on top of the Primary Tank

Most hygienic solution, no risk of legionella

Low total cost of ownership


Heated water on the primary side for any collective building like apartement blocks, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities, leisure centres, nursery homes...

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