Cetetherm Optimizer

Improve control and lower costs with the optimizer

Cetetherm Optimizer is a service from Cetetherm that makes it possible to optimize energy and monitor the district heating in your property. Thanks to a unique combination of the market's leading heating system and intelligent optimization tool, the Cetetherm Optimizer reduces the property's energy use without sacrificing comfort and indoor climate.

Cetetherm Optimizer gives the property owner lower energy costs and improved control of the heating system, while protecting the climate and the environment.

Optimizer dashboard


This is how it works:

The service measures and analyzes the building´s heating system and energy needs continously and in real time. By analyzing and learning the building´s heating pattern, profile and thermal storage capacity (thermal inertia), and by adding social and external factors such as weather to the calculation, the system learns independently to use only the amount of energy that is actually needed. These intelligent controls will generate lower energy consumptions, while maintaining



  • Do you want to know how much you can save by using Optimizer? Try our calculator for energy savings.

Optimizer is available for our range of sub-centrals for apartment buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.

More information about the service is available at optimizer.nu

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