Mini Plus Heat Interface Unit

Ever-Stable Temperature for Anything up to 12 Flats

Built to keep single- and multi-family buildings and their tap water systems reliably and efficiently heated, our Mini Plus Heating Interface Units combine all the benefits of connection to a district heating network with automated temperature control, for uninterrupted comfort.

Mini Plus is also easy to install, with pipe connections on top and bottom that can be connected up or down depending on the layout of the building, and a pre-programmed controller that simplifies commissioning and enables immediate start-up. The hot water is heated completely separately in a high-capacity, efficient heat exchanger, ensuring that the supply is always fresh and hygienic.

Tap water, floor and radiator heating solutions
Aqua Tank Cetetherm

Key benefits

Always stable hot water temperature

Control panel - easy to use and install

Connection for energy meter

Insulated heat exchangers

Easy to install with pipe connections on top and bottom


Domestic hot water and space heating for multi-family houses up to 65kW.

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