AquaPlate Tap Water System

Add as Much Capacity as You Need for Tap Water or Heating

Need a quick and easily installed heat exchanger solution for comfort heating or domestic hot water? AquaPlate is made for the job. Simply add or remove highly energy-efficient, stainless steel plates to increase or decrease capacity, using the built-in aluminium guides - no guesswork, no struggling, and no replacing the gaskets every time!

Tap water and radiator heating
Aqua First

Built on a robust but manoeuvrable steel frame, with support feet and fixing holes, AquaPlate is designed to be simple to connect to any tap water or heating circuit, but tough enough to last, with its thick epoxy paint, and electro-galvanised nuts and bolts.

Ideal for all types of collective buildings - including blocks of flats, hotels, hospitals, schools, and many more - everything about the AquaPlate range spells efficiency, quality, and ease of use, from its 30 – 1000 kW output, to its low-fouling plate design, to its polypropylene insulation and sanitary- quality, clip-on-and-off components.

It’s heat when you need it – on a plate!

Key benefits

Highly efficient and easily removable stainless steel 316 plates

Easy disassembling / mounting or adding plates

Gaskets of excellent sanitary quality in EPDM FF, type "clip-on"

PPE insulation included

Low fouling


Domestic hot water supply and heating for any collective building like apartement blocks, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities, leisure centres, nursery homes...

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