AquaTank Enamel

Domestic hot water storage tanks
300 – 3000 L / 7 bar

Domestic hot water storage vessel made of enamel (glass-lined) - Volumes: 300 to 3000 L.

Inspection openings: 110, 260 and 400 mm following volume.


  • 100 mm glass wool covered with PVC jacket
  • 100 mm rockwool cladded with aluminium metal plate.
AquaTank Enamel

Key benefits

Robust and good value for money

Energy saving insulations with high level of fireclass

Easy maintenance thanks to tanks’ polished inside surface

Easy to install

High resistance to any chemicals and to high temperatures


Domestic hot water supply for any collective building like apartement blocks, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities, leisure centres, nursery homes...

Apartments block
Sport center
Commercial center
Public buildings
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