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Proven, Leading Energy Innovation for a Climate and Cost-Concious World

At Cetetherm we've been championing energy-efficient heating solutions and cooling solutions for nearly 70 years - a commitment that was way ahead of its time back then and is more critical than ever today.

If you're seeking energy efficiency and sustainable climate solutions to cost-effectively heat, cool, and provide hot water to anything from a single house to a block of flats, to an entire district or community - using both conventional and renewable energy sources - Cetetherm has what you need.

And we’re still ahead of the curve, with our latest digitalisation technology that turns heating and cooling systems into smart, IoT-connected, AI-equipped climate solutions. These are not only highly controllable (by phone and mobile device), but able to continuously analyse and learn from their environment to ensure they use only the amount of energy needed.

What we deliver

From individual Heating Interface Units (including Mini City) and Tubular Heat Exchangers, to Tap Water Systems, to entire District Heating Systems and District Cooling Systems, we combine precision European manufacturing with 5-star, UK-wide service expertise and spares capability, across both current and historical products.

This ensures that when you buy Cetetherm, you buy to last.

It’s sustainability in every sense of the word.

Who we help - and why we do it better

Whether you’re an energy company providing district heating and cooling systems that serve an entire community, a consultant specifying heating and cooling, or an installer fitting it, a building or facilities manager, or a local authority representative with responsibility for buildings’ energy efficiency, we go the extra mile to solve your pain points, through:

  • Smart, connected, AI-driven digitalisation, enabling substations to operate more controllably, behave more autonomously, and reduce energy costs and emissions
  • Easy specification, thanks to complete and readily accessible online design documentation
  • Smooth, reliable installation, with fully engineered, prefabricated systems

Our solutions perform better than others because they attain the highest possible energy efficiency by delivering the best possible return temperature – resulting in lower flow rates for the same kW output.

District Heating and Cooling Solutions

Heating interface unit with loads of brass pipes towards the bottom and a red mini fire extinguisher to the left

Maximum control, minimal footprint, for space and water heating (includes Mini City).

District heating substations

Heat anything from a multi-family house to unlimited flats, or commercial and industrial buildings – and automatically keep costs and consumption down using our Optimizer module.

District Cooling Substations

A range of customised cooling systems for comfort and process cooling, with capacity from 5 kW – 5 MW.

Tubular Heat exchangers

Shell or coil, steel or copper, these tubular heat exchangers are compact, versatile, and very powerful.

Collective Boiler Room Solutions

Tap Water Systems

“Plug-and-play” solutions, including AquaFirst, that provide large quantities of energy-efficient domestic hot water.

Storage tanks

A large range of tubular storage tanks from 150-4000 litres, including the AquaTank solution, to store both domestic and primary heated hot water, conserving heat and minimising cost.

Hydraulic expansion systems

Stability in a closed water heating and cooling loops is essential for reliability and energy efficiency. This range keeps it all on an even keel.

Where Cetetherm makes a difference - every day

Any building, any number of users or occupants (temporary or permanent), any energy source, wherever in the UK or further afield you are – this pretty much sums up where Cetetherm makes a difference to our customers and theirs, every day.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with your heating systems and cooling systems for applications like these (and many more), please get in touch.

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