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District Cooling Systems have a lot going for them – they’re energy-efficient, sustainable, and keep buildings comfortable and processes safely temperature-controlled. But it’s how these cooling networks are connected to and work together with the buildings concerned that is critical – and this is where our Maxi Cooling range of substations excels.

Maxi Cooling units are highly modular, customisable, and controllable, to support the efficient connection of these cooling systems to buildings of many types and sizes – from blocks of flats, to public spaces, industrial sites, commercial centres, and more.

Modularity and flexibility go hand in hand with ease of installation, as every unit is built into in a ready-made, space-saving frame that is easy to handle and fit, even in confined spaces, with further component and piping options that are easy to add as required.

It’s a solution you can grow confidently to accommodate a capacity of anything from 5 kW to 5 MW.

Key benefits

Designed for easy servicing and maintenance work

The heat exchangers are optimised for cooling applications

Modularised component and piping solutions aid installation and options are easy to add

Customized substations can be provided

Easy to transfer to the technical room and install due to the narrow design of the unit and the frame


Cooling for multi-family houses to an unlimited number of apartment blocks, public buildings, commercial centres & industrial buildings.

For newly built and renovation projects.

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