Tubular Heat Exchangers

Heat Converted at Maximum Efficiency and Minimum Consumption

What is a Tubular Heat Exchanger?

Tubular Heat Exchangers turn low temperatures into high. so they’re an essential ingredient in District Heating Systems and elsewhere. But to be truly effective, they have to be extremely energy-efficient.

What benefits do our Tubular Heat Exchangers deliver?

High power, small space – this sums up our shell and coil Tubular Heat Exchangers perfectly. They deliver highly efficient heat transfer, ensuring the maximum possible temperature transformation for the use of the least possible energy.

That means less carbon and less cost – and the gasket-free design eliminates maintenance bills, too.

Where are our Tubular Heat Exchangers used?

From district heating, to steam, water, and glycol systems, our Tubular Heat Exchangers serve collective buildings - flats, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, leisure centres, and more – in towns and cities internationally.

Meet the range

With tubes made of acid-proof stainless steel or copper, our Tubular Heat Exchangers are perfect for reliable, efficient, continuous operation at even the highest water velocities. Click on a solution below to find out more, or download our preselection file Pdf, 3.2 MB. and send it to us and we’ll advise you further.

Preselection file: Pdf, 3.2 MB.

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