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The Full Range of Sustainable, Efficient Cetetherm Solutions

At Cetetherm, we’ve been at the leading edge of sustainable heating and cooling systems and related solutions for over 60 years, so you’d expect our range to be pushing boundaries and driving innovation to better address customers’ needs – and it doesn’t disappoint.

From the device-based remote controllability and monitoring of our Heating Interface Units (HIUs) and District Heating Substations, to our ultra-sustainable seawater- and groundwater-compatible District Cooling Substations, via energy-efficient Tubular Heat Exchangers and Tap Water Systems, these are the Cetetherm products that continue to change the game – every day.

Heat interface unit


With Cetetherm’s Heating Interface Units (HIUs), including the renowned Mini City and other market-leading models, you’ve got heat under control, for both space heating and domestic hot water use.


Learn more: HIUs

District heating substations

No limits, but maximum control - that’s the phrase that best describes our District Heating Substations.

From multi-family houses to any number of commercial and industrial buildings, or blocks of flats, these modular or 100% bespoke solutions keep the heat coming - but also make it fully remotely controllable and monitorable.

Learn more: District Heating Systems (Substations)

District Cooling substations

Keep cool and carry on – that’s our District Cooling Substations in a nutshell.

Compact, easily accessible for servicing, and customisable with additional modules, they connect to district cooling networks, seawater, and groundwater quietly and cost-effectively, to deliver energy-efficient, sustainable process and comfort cooling.

Learn more: District Cooling Systems (Substations)

Tubular heat exchangers


Compact, powerful, and maintenance-free, our Tubular Heat Exchangers excel at handling steam, domestic hot water, and heating water, enabling energy-efficient, sustainable heating and cooling.

Learn more: Tubular Heat Exchangers

Tap water systems


Hot water on demand, in a range of compact, safe, energy-efficient systems that come pre-assembled, pre-mounted, pre-wired, and pre-tested. Plug-and-play, tap-and-go!


Learn more: Tap Water Systems

Storage tanks

Beautifully engineered in tough steel, carbon steel or resilient enamel, our Storage Tanks can also store hot water on the primary side if required, supplementing boiler capacity, keeping water hot and readily available at lower cost, and reducing hygiene risks like Legionella.

Learn more: Storage Tanks

Hydraulic expansion systems


Stable pressure in a closed heating or cooling circuit is critical for consistent operation and performance, so the heating works as well in a room on the 1st floor as on the 10th. With our Hydraulic Expansion Systems, that stability is, a given.


Learn more: Hydraulic Expansion Systems

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