Cetetherm product overview

Heat interface unit

With Cetetherm the heat is under control!

Our complete range of Heat Interface Units (HIU) do not only provide hot water for space heating & domestic hot water, but can also be connected to heating controls and apps for remote monitoring and control: Cetetherm Smart Home - the power of connected - works seamless on all Cetetherm Micro and Mini ranges.

Our fully insulated HIU are available with 1 or 2 heat exchangers, an integrated sensor offering the lowest return temperature on the market and the possibility to add individual heat meters. All units are pre-assembled, pre-mounted, pre-wired and tested - ready to go.

Applications include one-family houses up to 12 apartments, connected to district heating networks, community networks or a local heating source, with the possibility to combine with renewables for a more sustainable world.

District heating substations

The Cetetherm district heating substations is a very large range with multiple possibilities in capacities and applications. Our substations are able to do much more than just providing hot water for space heating and domestic hot water.

We offer intelligent district heating systems with remote control and monitoring from any location at any time with our Cetetherm IQHeat controller and IQHeat Cloud solution. Supervision via customer's laptop, smartphone or from the control panel of the Cetetherm IQHeat or AHC control unit.

According to customers needs and the requirements of the building we offer 3 different solutions:

  • 100% tailor-made
  • modular solutions
  • standardized plug & play solutions

The Cetetherm Midi, Maxi and Maxi Special ranges are the most energy-efficient substations thanks to optimal heat recovery and low return temperatures. They stand for top quality backed by unique and outstanding expertise.

Applications from multi-family houses to an unlimited number of apartment blocks, commercial and industrial buildings.

District Cooling substations

A range of hig-quality customized district cooling systems for comfort or process cooling. The cooling units feature ready-made basic, configurable solutions for all cooling requirements with the possibililty to add modular components and options.

The Maxi Cooling substations designed by Cetetherm are energy efficient and environmental friendly, compact to simplify transfer to technical rooms and with an easy access to all components for servicing and maintenance work.

This ultra flexible cooling range is connected to the district cooling network on the primary side or to free sources of cooling like seawater or groundwater. They create a pleasant indoor climate without any noise for the endusers.

Tubular heat exchangers

The Cetetherm Cetecoil and Cetetube ranges are the most compact and powerful tubular heat exchangers with tubes made of acid proof stainless steel or copper.

Ideal solution for high primary/secondary temperature differential. Low maintenance costs because no gaskets and they are extremely robust; up to 25 bar and 300°C with normalized flange connections.

These units are suitable for many different media, such as steam, domestic hot water, heating water and thermal oil for the technical comfort market and industry.

Tap water systems

An extensive range of compact, safe and energy-efficient "plug & play" systems providing large quantities of domestic hot water in no time. All units are pre-assembled, pre-mounted, pre-wired and tested - ready to go.

We offer 4 different tap water solutions:

Available in 2 versions:

  • Instantaneous - no need for a storage tank
  • Semi-instantaneous - to be combined with a storage tank

and one plate heat exchanger:

  • AquaPlate - plate & gasket solution for comfort heating & domestic hot water

All units are suitable for any type of collectif building; apartment blocks, hotels, leisure centres, hospitals, universities etc.

Storage tanks


Cetetherm offers storage tanks in 2 different ranges with volumes between 125 - 4000L:

  • AquaTank range made of stainless steel (10 bar) or enamel (7 bar) for secondary storage.
  • Primary Tank range (5 bar) made of carbon steel for a primary storage.

Both types of tanks can be combined with Cetetherms tap water systems.


Hydraulic expansion systems

The Cetetherm Pressosmart range is designed to maintain stable pressure in a closed water heating and cooling network. The units perform 3 main functions:

  • Maintaining a constant pressure
  • Intercepting expansion
  • Refilling the network

Extremely robust and reliable, equipped with a silent and low-power pump, it has a very small footprint compared to membrane solutions.

The Pressosmart pump module needs to be connected to Cetetherm's open or closed expansion vessel. Applications include heating and air conditioning systems in collective buildings and industries.

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