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How Heating and Cooling Know-How
Works Best

Specialist know-how, in the right place – this is how Cetetherm works to ensure the district heating systems, district cooling systems, tap water systems, and other solutions we deliver each achieve the highest standards of design and manufacture. No one-size-fits-all facilities - instead, targeted excellence everywhere.

Designed and made exclusively in Europe, to EU and UK standards, our solutions come from the Cetetherm location that has invested in and focuses on expertise in that particular specialism, whether it be for standard, modular, or bespoke solutions.

Specialism of each entity


Cetetherm AB Sweden

Produces smart and connected district heating systems and cooling systems, heat interface units and substations, modular units for short lead times. 

-Cetetherm SAS France :

Cetetherm SAS France

Specialises in tap water systems and hydraulic expansion systems for collective boiler rooms. Plug & Play solutions for ready to use standardized systems.


Cetetherm S.R.O. Czechia

Produces 100% bespoke, tailor-made solutions for district heating and cooling systems.

Of course, Cetetherm has a dedicated presence in the UK too, and makes all these solutions available for UK customers. Contact us in the UK.


Cetetherm Group 

Cetetherm AB

Fridhemsvägen 15
372 38 Ronneby
Phone +46 457 755 92
[email protected]

Cetetherm SAS

Route du stade ZI du Moulin
69490 Pontcharra sur Turdine France
Phone +33 4 74 05 53 50
[email protected]

Cetetherm S.R.O.

Prosecká 851/64
190 00 Praha 9
Phone +420 226 226 910
[email protected]

Cetetherm is member of NIBE Group since June 2018.
Read more about NIBE Group here.







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