Tap Water Systems

Installed Quickly, Effective Immediately, Powerfully Sustainable

What is a Tap Water System?

Our Tap Water Systems do exactly what you need of them – they reliably provide large quantities of domestic and collective hot water (for 200 hotel rooms or more, for example), instantaneously or semi-instantaneously, using minimal energy from renewables and other local heat sources.

What benefits do our Tap Water Systems deliver?

Compact, powerful, and responsive, our Tap Water Systems combine low energy pumps with connectivity to Building Management Systems to deliver hot water rapidly, controllably, and at minimal cost.

Easily connected to an existing local heat source, these solutions are also compatible with renewable energy forms, for a hot water supply that is low on carbon emissions but high on performance.

Where are our Tap Water Systems used?

Wherever there’s a collective need for a dependable, sustainable hot water supply with a small footprint but a substantial output – blocks of flats, hospitals, hotels, sports centres, schools, and more – our Tap Water Systems deliver.

Meet the solutions

From 50 kW to 1200 kW, our Tap Water Systems deliver the hot water your buildings need. Click on a solution below to find out more, or download our preselection file and send it to us and we’ll advise you further.

Preselection file: Pdf, 131.7 kB.

Example of a Tap water system installation in a hotel.

Compact and powerful; one single tap water system provides domestic hot water to +/- 200 hotel rooms.

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