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A Lifetime of Sustainable, Efficient Heating and Cooling

Ahead of Our Time nearly 70 Years Ago, Ahead of the Curve Today

At Cetetherm, we’ve led the way in sustainable, efficient, cost-effective solutions for the district heating systems, district cooling systems, and collective boiler room markets for over 60 years - and we continue to lead the market today, thanks to our ethos of expertise, innovation, and quality.

Across 15 countries, three specialist manufacturing sites, and 30 worldwide sales partners, our teams are totally focused on doing what they do best: turning international expertise into local excellence.

Quality manufacturing, swift supply, expert advice, and 5-star service both pre- and post-sales are all part of the deal – always.

For our customers, for our planet

But whilst our values – reliable products built to last, trustworthy technical insight, and outstanding customer service - are a proud Cetetherm tradition going right back to our origins, we’re every bit as committed to the future, as we develop new, more efficient, more sustainable solutions for all our tomorrows.

Energy - futureproofed

Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity - we’re all about all of these, as we constantly produce innovations that make our plug-and-play, modular, and 100% tailored solutions more controllable, more intelligent, more economical, and better for our world.

At Cetetherm, we've set the standard for efficient, sustainable heating and cooling for well over half a century. We'll continue to do so in the era of energy change that it upon us.

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