District Cooling Systems (Substations)

Sustainable, Efficient Comfort and Process Temperature Control

What is a District Cooling Substation?

District Cooling Substations are installed across the districts of a town or city to connect many different types of private and public buildings to sources of cooling, in the same way a District Heating Substation connects them to heat.

What benefits do our District Cooling Substations deliver?

Our District Cooling Substations are all about maximising efficiency, and minimising burden – on the environment, on the network, on the installer, on the budget, and on the user.

Highly energy-efficient, these solutions, built around our Maxi Cooling offering, also reduce emissions and costs in other ways, by connecting to free cooling sources such as seawater and groundwater.

Supplied in compact units, with modularised component and piping solutions, they are easy to transport, install, and customise, and deliver a powerful, yet thrifty cooling solution that works sustainably for all manner of public and private buildings – with little or no noise to disturb the occupants.

Where are our District Cooling Substations used?

Offices, commercial centres, public buildings, and many other spaces are cooled by our District Cooling Substations, which are so compact and flexible they can even be built into mobile cooling trailers.

Meet the range

Delivering anything from 5 KW to 5 MW from their connection to the district cooling network on the primary side, our Maxi Cooling-based solutions deliver a solution for every need. Click below to learn more.

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