Mini UK Heat Interface Unit

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The Mini UK Heating Interface Unit suits its name – it’s compact, slim, light, and easy to install. But at the same time, this space-saving package can control the delivery of enough domestic hot water and space heating water for up to four separate flats, or an entire family house - with the lowest return temperature (and therefore highest efficiency) on the market.

Tap water, radiator and floor heating solutions
Mini ECO

Mini UK’s indirect connection on the primary side is flexible enough to work with one or two heat exchangers (for tap water only, or both tap water and space heating, respectively), and the space heating works for both radiators and floor heating.

And with its 100% mechanical operation, Mini UK is quick and easy to set up, and features straightforward manual controls for both tap water and heating circuits – no complexity, no fuss.

Mini UK has an individual energy meter included and helps building managers and end-users track costs, consumption, and sustainability targets.

Key benefits

Always sufficient, stable and hygienic domestic hot water supply

Best solution for saving water and energy

Space-saving design – extremely thin means low weight and quick installation

Offers the lowest return temperature on the market

Individual metering of tap water consumption and use of energy


Domestic hot water and space heating up to 4 apartments and multi-family houses.


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