Maxi Special

Customized substations for project sales / up to 25 MW

Each Maxi Special unit can be customized to meet the specific customers needs and building requirements: From concept up to after sales service, for new or renovation projects.

Maxi Special units provide:

  • Domestic hot water & space heating
  • Space heating only  
Tap water, radiator and floor heating solutions
Maxi Special

Key benefits

Tailor made solution for any HVAC application

Built on a solid frame – quick installation

Wide performance range
20 kw – 25 MW (unlimited)

Supervision via customer’s laptop, smartphone or from the control panel of the Cetetherm AHC control unit

Compact solution for easy on-site handling


Domestic hot water and space heating for multi-family houses to an unlimited number of apartment blocks, public buildings, commerical centres and industrial buildings.

Industrial hot water/steam applications for automotive, chemical and petrochemical, food processing and offshore.