Maxi Special District Heating Substation

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With our Maxi Special District Heating Substation range, there’s more behind the name than you might think! It’s an uncommonly powerful, efficient solution that can not only combine domestic hot water and space heating, but also ventilation and cooling - and we can easily customise it to your requirements for any large-scale application, including unlimited blocks of flats, or public, commercial, and industrial buildings.

We work with you to tailor each Maxi Special unit to accommodate multiple capacity levels and operating modes to meet the demands of every building and its users, up to 25 MW. Yet these high-performing units are also compact and easy to handle on-site, with a solid frame for quick installation.

They’re also super-efficient, with optimal heat recovery and low return temperatures, and highly controllable, thanks to Cetetherm’s AHC controller, which can also be operated from a laptop or smartphone.

Tap water, radiator and floor heating solutions
Maxi Special
Maxi Special

Key benefits

Tailor made solution for any HVAC application

Built on a solid frame – quick installation

Wide performance range
20 kw – 25 MW (unlimited)

Supervision via customer’s laptop, smartphone or from the control panel of the Cetetherm AHC control unit

Compact solution for easy on-site handling


Domestic hot water and space heating for multi-family houses to an unlimited number of apartment blocks, public buildings, commerical centres and industrial buildings.

Industrial hot water/steam applications for automotive, chemical and petrochemical, food processing and offshore.

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