Anti-legionella domestic hot water system for collective applications - up to 765 kW

AquaProtect is a range of tap water systems designed to deliver legionella-free domestic hot water in the complete network of any collective building.

This anti-legionella system must be combined with a holding storage tank.

AquaProtect is available in 2 versions:

  1. Instantaneous - with or without a primary storage tank
  2. Semi-instantaneous - to be combined with a secondary storage tank.
Aqua Protect

Key benefits

Heat treatment at 70 °C against legionella in the incoming and circulation water circuit

Easily accessible draining valve to collect domestic hot water samples

Heat recovery concept to save extra energy of the thermal disinfection

Highly reliable equipment - low maintenance required

Pre-assembled, pre-mounted, pre-wired – ready to go


Supply of sanitary hot water water without legionella for example for hospitals, old people's homes, prisons, schools and universities, hotels...Premises where security is top priority!

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