Cetetherm launches Optimizer

Cetetherm proudly launches the Cetetherm optimizer

Cetetherm announces the launch of Cetetherm Optimizer, the smart and connected substation. This milestone is a major move for Cetetherm on its mission to create world class energy solutions.

“- With our new digital platform, we take the next level of solutions to enable our customers to save more energy and easier integrate District heating and Hybrid heating solutions in their production and business systems,” says Stefan LM Eriksson, Managing Director at Cetetherm.

Cetetherm Optimizer is a new online service, enabling energy optimization and monitoring of district heating in buildings. Thanks to a unique combination of market leading heating systems and an intelligent
optimization tool, Cetetherm Optimizer will reduce the energy usage in buildings without renouncing comfort and indoor climate.

Parallel to lowering the energy costs for building owners it also gains huge network optimization values for the energy operator. And maybe most important, Cetetherm Optimizer reduces the buildings climate impact.

“- A true energy optimization solution brings value to all stakeholders in the eco-chain; the building owners,
the energy network operators and the community” says Patrick Isacson, Commercial Product Manager at Cetetherm. “- A smart and connected substation supports that. Intelligence and interconnection are two very
important capabilities in digitalizing the energy sector, and we have embedded both in this concept”.

Cetetherm Optimizer is initially launched in Sweden and Norway, but the concept will be available to all Cetetherm markets during this year.

“Our strategy is to digitalize our entire smart climate solution portfolio”, says Patrick Isacson.

The Cetetherm Optimizer has been developed by Cetetherm in cooperation with Siemens, Crossbreed, Noda and Wideco.

To learn more about Optimizer

To download press release: Pdf, 144.3 kB.

For more information, contact Patrick Isacson: +46 73 831 88 40 [email protected]

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