Meet Tomáš Kostinek - Sales Engineer in Czechia

Tomas is our world wide referee in floorball and Sales Engineer in the Cetetherm team in Czechia. Tomas has been working with Cetetherm solutions for about 14 years. After many years of designing the heat exchanger substations, he now since 1st of January is part of the Czech sales team.

- After many years at the drawing board, I felt ready for new challenges. I know the products well, so the step to my new role as Sales Engineer was not too far, says Tomas. - I may also have and advantage having been involved in drawing the solutions.

Tomas is responsible for the range of standard products (HIU´s, Tap water systems, Expansion systems). This includes sales activities, technical support, product redesign for the needs of the Czech market district heating networks and managing the service of the products.

- The great variety of tasks makes the job fun and challenging. One day I´m on a business trip, the other day I have meetings with via Teams or phone and the next day I am managing all kinds of work in the sales activities, says Tomas.

The biggest challenge in Tomas new role is to bring Cetetherm standard products to a market where many competing products are installed or available.

- That makes my collaboration with Cetetherm development department very important. Projects to redesign products for the Czech market is constantly running to meet customer needs and demand and the best thing about my work is the feeling when I can satisfy customers by deliver sustainable and high-quality products with a long lifetime, says Tomas with a smile.

When Tomas isn´t on business trips, he is travelling all over the world in his role of referee in floorball, which is his biggest hobby. When he takes a break from his sales and refereeing job, he prefers to spend time with his family.

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