Mini ECO / Mini UK

Heat interface unit for up to
4 apartments

Supplies hot water for both the tap water & space heating circuit with modulated supply temperature.

The space heating supply can be connected to radiators or floor heating.

On the primary side, this unit has an indirect connection: one heat exchanger for the space heating circuit and one to produce tap water.

This unit is also available with one single heat exchanger for space heating: 'Mini ECO heating only'.

Tap water, radiator and floor heating solutions
Mini ECO

Key benefits

Always sufficient, stable and hygienic domestic hot water supply

Best solution for saving water and energy

Space-saving design – extremely thin means low weight and quick installation

Offers the lowest return temperature on the market

Individual metering of tap water consumption and use of energy


Domestic hot water and space heating up to 4 apartments and multi-family houses.




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