Hydraulic Expansion Systems

Stable, Consistent, Compact, Cost-Effective

What is a Hydraulic Expansion System?

Our Hydraulic Expansion Systems combine a range of pump modules and expansion vessels to keep the pressure in a domestic or industrial heating or air conditioning system stable, and so enable more cost-effective operation. The vessels’ compact, closed design ensures reduced corrosion and an extended lifespan for the entire installation, whilst making it possible to easily upgrade from open vessels, and to combine several vessels in series to maximise their performance.

What benefits do our Hydraulic Expansion Systems deliver?

Our range of Pressosmart Hydraulic Expansion Systems are powerful (up to 14,500 kW) and resilient, yet with an extremely small footprint that makes them easier to fit and manage than conventional membrane solutions. They also optimise energy use in more ways than one, thanks to their accurate and highly visible control functions, and their low-consumption, noiseless pumps.

Where are our Hydraulic Expansion Systems used?

From collective buildings to industrial premises, our Hydraulic Expansion Systems help heating and air conditioning installations work efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively

Meet the solutions

For installations up to 14,500 kW and 75-metre static building height, our Hydraulic Expansion Systems deliver stability in even the largest and most complex systems. Click on a solution below to find out more, or download our preselection file and send it to us and we’ll advise you.

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